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The world we knew no longer exists. Our old way of looking at and dealing with the world no longer works. It started with science, at first with Einstein and then even more so with nuclear physics, which has had to put aside what had worked for so long to explain what is observed and make accurate predictions. A desperate attempt arose to replace classical physics with something better, resulting in what is known as Quantum Theory or Quantum Mechanics.

What has happened with nuclear physics is now also happening in our everyday world. Our classical way of understanding and working with the world is becoming increasingly ineffective, creating problems so serious that even our survival on this planet is threatened.

Our old way was based on an awareness and understanding that is in turn based on simple polarity. The use of such polarities as tall/short, dark/light, far/near and so on gave us the ability to accurately perceive, describe and work with the physical world of time and space, and all that is in it. In the past this has given us many benefits and comforts, but with the many problems we are now facing, its shadow has been revealed. As it came to be with classical physics, our former cognitive process is no longer effective in helping us to function effectively in our everyday world.

Quantum Polarity offers a new way of seeing and working with this new world that gives us an awarenes of what is behind our problems and what supports them. It works on the foundational level of our cognitive process, how we come to know what we know, to offer a deeper insight and understanding, and ultimately a healthy way of relating to our planet and with each other.

For more introductory information on Quantum Polarity, visit this page:
        Introduction to Quantum Polarity

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        Quantum Polarity and Reality
        Quantum Polarity and Quantum Mechanics

True to its name, Quantum Polarity reveals itself in two ways, and can be seen from two mutually exclusive perspectives. I have labelled these in honor of two persons who have struggled valiantly with polarity and wholeness and left us important legacies, M.C. Escher and Nicholas of Cusa. For more on these follow the links below:
        The Escher View
        The Cusa View

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July 30, 2011